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What is the meaning of mighty in Hindi?

Meaning of mighty in Hindi is : शक्तिशाली

Definition of word mighty

  • Influential, powerful beings. (noun)
  • Very strong, possessing might. (adjective)
  • Very heavy and powerful (adjective)
  • excellent, extremely good (adjective)
  • Very; to a high degree. (adverb)

Examples of word mighty

  • Brethren and sisters, there is a mighty, _mighty_ difference between the two.
  • "Well, sir, that's mighty nice," observed Mr. Pryor; "_mighty_ nice!
  • This will cause huge consequences in regards to patent and trademarking of the term mighty mouse.
  • She's what I call a mighty eligible young woman -- pretty, bright, sensible, and without any fortune to make her foolish and you a fool.
  • In Namibia shots ranged from 150 to over 400 yards, believe me that variable option came in mighty handy.