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What is the meaning of millwright in Hindi?

Meaning of millwright in Hindi is : मिलराइट

Definition of word millwright

  • a person who designed, erected and built mills and milling machinery (noun)

Examples of word millwright

  • (the term millwright means very little nowadays), and obtained from him
  • If we do not accept this contract, we will look bad to everyone, said UAW member William Coltrane , a Ford millwright.
  • No one, Republican or Democrat, should hide who is visiting the White House. millwright
  • Isn't WAXMAN the moron who wants "Sex Gender Changes" to be covered procedures by law. millwright
  • You start at a low wage and you have to buy your own tools and then you get to where you are a millwright 5 years later but alot of people want the money now and can't wait so they take the piece work jobs and instead of going to school and getting a trade.
  • So that essentially means a millwright or any other trade, in order to finish a job, could do the work of an electrician, or tinner or hvac?
  • He was a millwright for the Simpson Lumber Company in McCleary, and always on call if any of the machines there broke down.
  • Carlino is working hard, as a common workman, with a millwright at Midhurst, that he may, in due time, be an accomplished engineer.