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What is the meaning of mind in Hindi?

Meaning of mind in Hindi is : ज़मीर

Definition of word mind

  • The ability for rational thought. (noun)
  • The ability to be aware of things. (noun)
  • The ability to remember things. (noun)
  • The ability to focus the thoughts. (noun)
  • Somebody that embodies certain mental qualities. (noun)
  • Judgment, opinion, or view. (noun)
  • Desire, inclination, or intention. (noun)
  • A healthy mental state. (noun)
  • The non-material substance or set of processes in which consciousness, feeling, thinking, and will are based. (noun)

Examples of word mind

  • The real and practical alliance between the physical and the psychic -- between body and mind -- is better realized; as for instance: You may be seized with _an idea_, or a passion, and it disturbs your _health of body_; you may take indigestible food, or suffer injury or fatigue, and it disturbs your _health of mind_.
  • _Mental_ resistance can be met and overcome by _ideas_, by points introduced by _your_ mind into the _mind_ of the _other_ man.
  • Likewise if anything happens to a particular set of muscles, the reaction is instantly transmitted to its associated mind center through the "direct wire" nerves and brain center which particularly serve that part of the mind_.
  • The attraction of mechanical power had already wrenched the American mind into a crab-like process which Roosevelt was making heroic efforts to restore to even action, and he had every right to active support and sympathy from all the world, especially from the Trusts themselves so far as they were human; but the doubt persisted whether the force that educated was really man or nature, —mind or motion.
  • What General Meade wrote in May, “We must expect disaster so long as the armies are not under one master mind, ”32 Lincoln knew perfectly well, and gladly would he have devolved the military conduct of affairs on one man could he have found that “master mind” for whom he made a painful quest during almost two years.


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