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What is the meaning of mineralize in Hindi?

Meaning of mineralize in Hindi is : धातु के रूप में बदलना

Definition of word mineralize

  • To convert to a mineral; to petrify (verb)
  • To impregnate with minerals (verb)

Examples of word mineralize

    • The company says it will "mineralize" the carbon dioxide as baking soda, offsetting an additional 200,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide in the manufacture of benign chemical byproducts.
    • Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is considered "tooth friendly" by dental professionals, as it can actually "starve" the negative micro-organisms that damage teeth, allowing the teeth to re-mineralize faster.
    • RICKETS In infants and children, severe vitamin D deficiency results in the failure of the bone to mineralize.
    • You know that you need calcium to mineralize provide more rigid structure to the collagen proteins that help build your bone.
    • With time, the plaque can mineralize into tartar, which becomes a hard crust that causes further irritation.


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