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What is the meaning of minimum in Hindi?

Meaning of minimum in Hindi is : न्यूनतम

Definition of word minimum

  • The lowest limit. (noun)
  • The smallest amount. (noun)
  • A period of minimum brightness or energy intensity (of a star). (noun)
  • A lower bound of a set which is also an element of that set. (noun)
  • The smallest member of a batch or sample or the lower bound of a probability distribution. (noun)
  • To the lowest degree. (adjective)

Examples of word minimum

  • There are some misconceptions about the use of the term minimum unit pricing...
  • As a measure that everyone could recognize, clinicians and researchers used the minimum amount of drug needed to kill bacteria, expressed as milligrams of drug per liter of blood, which they called the minimum inhibitory concentration, or MIC for short.
  • There is what we call a minimum equipment list of a certain number of oxygen canisters that are required for every size of every airplane.
  • In a report titled “The Endgame,” the VPC offered what they described as minimum standards.
  • Mngadi said tribal communities would no longer be satisfied with what he described as minimum royalties.


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