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What is the meaning of minish in Hindi?

Meaning of minish in Hindi is :

Definition of word minish

  • To lessen or cause to seem to be less. (verb)

Examples of word minish

  • This one might therefore di - minish the male actor's ardor.
  • This is Link as he appears in games like the minish cap, wind waker, phantom hourglass and spirit tracks.
  • Now so it is, that whoso heareth these tidings sayeth, that no such an one as was Sigurd was left behind him in the world, nor ever was such a man brought forth because of all the worth of him, nor may his name ever minish by eld in the Dutch Tongue nor in all the Northern Lands, while the world standeth fast.
  • I got a hint from my mom in Japan to steam the frozen unagi in foil with sake in a frying pan for a bit 10 minish, then finish with pouring scolding hot water and close up the foil, to wash away the excess grease.
  • And the officers of the children of Israel did see that they were in evil case, after it was said, Ye shall not minish ought from your bricks of your daily task.