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What is the meaning of mint in Hindi?

Meaning of mint in Hindi is : सिक्का ढालना

Definition of word mint

  • A building or institution where money (originally, only coins) is produced under government licence. (noun)
  • A large amount of money. A vast sum or amount, etc. (noun)
  • To reproduce (coins), usually en masse, under licence. (verb)
  • Of condition, as new. (adjective)
  • In near-perfect condition; uncirculated. (adjective)
  • Unused with original gum; as issued originally. (adjective)
  • Very good. (adjective)
  • Any of several plants of the family Lamiaceae, typically aromatic with square stems. (noun)
  • The flavouring of the plant, either a sweet, a jelly or sauce. (noun)
  • A green colour, like that of mint. (noun)
  • A mint-flavored candy, often eaten to sweeten the smell of the breath. (noun)
  • Of a green colour, like that of the mint plant. (adjective)
  • To try, attempt; take aim. (verb)
  • To try, attempt, endeavor; to take aim at; to try to hit; to purpose. (verb)
  • To hint; suggest; insinuate. (verb)
  • Intent, purpose; an attempt, try; effort, endeavor. (noun)

Examples of word mint

  • This looks great and the mint is an interesting add.
  • Two had blue swallow-tailed coats with brass buttons; and a fourth, a dashing young lawyer's clerk from Clement's Inn, was absolutely stirring a mixture, which he called a mint julep, with a yellow kid glove dangling out of his hand.
  • * My 1996 Element was in mint condition with only 26,000 miles on it when I drove it to Texas to sell to a Honda dealer.
  • And as if the traditional food weren't enough, local restaurants offer such gourmet dishes as rack of lamb in mint and rosemary sauce, chicken in cilantro cream, beef filet in marrow sauce, and shrimp and nopal tacos.
  • When I moved to the UK, I left behind a shed full of books, mostly in mint condition.


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