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What is the meaning of minus in Hindi?

Meaning of minus in Hindi is : वियोग चिह्न

Definition of word minus

  • Difference of the previous number from the following number. (conjunction)
  • without. (preposition)
  • Negative. (adjective)
  • On the negative part of a scale. (adjective)
  • Ranking just below a designated rating. (adjective)
  • A minus sign (−). (noun)
  • A negative quantity. (noun)
  • A defect or deficiency. (noun)

Examples of word minus

  • Sobey's will carry your groceries and load your car for you, even in minus 40!
  • The minus is because I think they should've done a bigger stimulus.
  • The minus is only - they've accomplished an awful lot.
  • That is one snug and comfy tent even in minus twenty weather.
  • What I meant was that adjusted plus/minus is too noisy to be the only stat we use.


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