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What is the meaning of minuscule in Hindi?

Meaning of minuscule in Hindi is : बहुत सूक्ष्म

Definition of word minuscule

  • A lower-case letter. (noun)
  • Any of the two medieval handwriting styles minuscule cursive and Caroline minuscule. (noun)
  • A letter in these styles. (noun)
  • Written in minuscules, lower-case. (adjective)
  • Written in minuscule handwriting style. (adjective)
  • Very small, tiny. (adjective)

Examples of word minuscule

  • ROIG-FRANZIA: Well, today, George Felos said that she has received what he described as a minuscule amount of morphine, not the morphine drip that had been reported in some venues, but a suppository of 50 milligrams of morphine that had been administered twice since her feeding tube was removed.
  • Griffin said he could "promise DRS a very healthy and robust legal challenge" if the state tries to recoup what he called "minuscule" sales taxes that may have been generated when there was still a relationship with the affiliates and the law was in effect.
  • Roberts described for the jury a high intensity, high-risk home invasion by cops for what he called a minuscule amount of drugs.
  • The scientists involved spent years collecting urine and searching for the protein, because they knew it should be there in minuscule amounts.
  • Now … despite all the cries about e-books being the wave of the future, sales numbers remain minuscule by comparison to hardcovers and paperbacks.


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