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What is the meaning of mirth in Hindi?

Meaning of mirth in Hindi is : हुलास

Definition of word mirth

  • The emotion usually following humour and accompanied by laughter; merriment; jollity; gaiety. (noun)
  • That which causes merriment. (noun)

Examples of word mirth

  • II. i.27 (220,2) [I was then frugal of my mirth] By breaking this speech into exclamations, the text may stand; but I once thought it must be read, If _I was_ not _then frugal of my mirth_.
  • _mirth_ it may be derived from _uaim-mir_, i.e. loud mirth, gaiety.
  • In theatre three, Cleo plays her usual part: "If we find him sad,/Say we am dancing; if in mirth, report/That we am conspicuous sick."
  • I must say that it was time well spent, my mirth is gigantic!
  • When he heard her words, his breast broadened and he laughed for joy till he showed his teeth; and they abode thus awhile in mirth and gladness and frolic.


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