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What is the meaning of mirthless in Hindi?

Meaning of mirthless in Hindi is : प्रसन्नतारहित

Definition of word mirthless

  • Lacking mirth; devoid of joy. (adjective)

Examples of word mirthless

  • Fenn laughed what novelists are fond of calling a mirthless laugh.
  • Frank Rich of the New York Times called the comedian's performance "mirthless"
  • It was not boisterous; indeed, it was consciously refined, -- mirthless, meaningless.
  • Often, during the last few days, he had told himself, with a kind of mirthless chuckle, that _he_ was not going to be
  • (Christian Slater, John Cleese, Steve Buscemi, Jay Leno, Arsenio Hall), but this time around the script and animation have resulted in a "mirthless," "underimagined" and "strenuously unfunny" movie, according to Variety.


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