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What is the meaning of misdirect in Hindi?

Meaning of misdirect in Hindi is : बहकाना

Definition of word misdirect

  • To direct something wrongly (verb)
  • To put the incorrect address on a mail item (verb)

Examples of word misdirect

    • Looks like Another Joe has been brainwashed by the right-whiners, is attempting to misdirect from the topic at hand by regurgitating talking-points, and wants to parade ignorant distractions.
    • David Lightman, Miami Herald, Out of bounds: McCain-Palin misdirect blame for immigration flop
    • The strategy of misdirect is always the way a good misleading person would function.
    • From there, it's a simple "misdirect" to label Sherrod a "confusing soul."
    • ANC president Jacob Zuma said "angry people" would not "misdirect" the ruling party from its mission to improve lives, the SABC reported on Tuesday.


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