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What is the meaning of miserable in Hindi?

Meaning of miserable in Hindi is : विपत्र

Definition of word miserable

Examples of word miserable

  • Link reporter larry, take it U mean Jordan is more “exotic” as in Miserable rather than as a superlative … else, U would be facetious since given a choice between rochester, NH and Jordan where would U live/work/be? — damsel
  • Miserable is the life of a justice of the peace in Ireland the day after a fair, especially if he resides near a small town.
  • Miserable is the case of those to whom the light of divine truth is become a torment.
  • Miserable is the condition of those who come short of the righteousness of this Pharisee: yet he was not accepted; and why was he not?
  • Miserable is the case of those who have sinned so long against God's mercy that at length they have sinned it away.
  • Miserable is the case of those that are given up into the hand of these cruel ones.
  • Miserable is the condition of that people whom God has forsaken, and great certainly must the provocation be if he forsake those that have been his own people.
  • Miserable is the people's case when the judge's enquiry upon a cause is not, "What is to be done in it?" but, "What is to be got by it?"
  • Among those facing charges were top Gambino leaders including acting boss John D'Amico, also known as "Jackie the Nose," acting underboss Domenico "The Greaseball" Cefalu and consigliere Joseph "Miserable" Corozzo.
  • 'Miserable' Bryant, Lakers ready for Game 5BOSTON - The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers are headed to a pivotal Game 5 of the NBA finals in the latest chapter of basketball's most storied rivalry.