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What is the meaning of misinform in Hindi?

Meaning of misinform in Hindi is : गलत सूचना देना

Definition of word misinform

  • to give or deliver false, fake, or misleading information with intent to deceive (verb)

Examples of word misinform

  • They do nothing but misinform, that is their mission.
  • "misinform", but to grant the Platform these "Powers of Misinformation", you have to assume that everyone using it is a simpleton just waiting to be tricked by the next conspiracy theorist that creates a Twitter account.
  • Who are you to misinform people you do not know in this flippant manner?
  • Its sad to see that these candidates raise millions of dollars and use it to smear, misdirect, misinform, the opposition to win a chair at the power table!
  • This is precisely the behavior that GOP lobbying shops use to misinform and misdirect grass roots citizens into calling Congress urging Congress to do the exact opposite of what the citizen thinks he or she is trying to do.


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