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What is the meaning of misleading in Hindi?

Meaning of misleading in Hindi is : भ्रामक

Definition of word misleading

  • Deceptive or tending to mislead or create a false impression. (adjective)
  • Present participle of mislead. (verb)

Examples of word misleading

    • Is the title misleading, absolutely, but anyone who sees the word FREE on any Ad and does not read the disclaimers is an idiot.
    • The Veterans of Foreign War called the pot group use of the acronym "misleading and illegal,"
    • I know some people who found the title misleading and believed the film to be another terrorist drama.
    • A better question would be, why is the title misleading?
    • After Politico reported Gingrich appearing to agree with a voter in South Carolina to lay off, his campaign sent out a statement over what it called "misleading reports":Instead of accepting the responsibility to answer questions about his business background, the Romney campaign is throwing up a smokescreen about an attack on capitalism.


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