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What is the meaning of misled in Hindi?

Meaning of misled in Hindi is :

Definition of word misled

  • Simple past tense and past participle of mislead. (verb)

Examples of word misled

  • The customers' claim that the label misled them into buying the product meant they didn't get what they paid for, the court said.
  • Viewers being 'misled' is in their brief where it relates to advertising or news bulletins, but In matters of science it is invariably the case that there are a range of views on any number of issues ...
  • Reading the opening paragraph and the title misled me to believe that I was going to learn something that I didn’t.
  • "The title misled me, for I'd never heard it before.
  • I would think spending billions on war that was misled from the start is much worse Giuliani.


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