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What is the meaning of missing in Hindi?

Meaning of missing in Hindi is : ग़ायब

Definition of word missing

  • Present participle of miss. (verb)
  • Not able to be located; gone; absent; lost. (adjective)
  • To be running roughly due an occasional lack of a spark or other irregular fault (adjective)

Examples of word missing

  • More than 8,100 remain missing from the Korean War, and 1,779 from Vietnam.
  • With this accounting, 8,025 service members still remain missing from the conflict.
  • Owing to your world-view, you are sensitive to issues like under-representation and rightfully lament what you have witnessed all your life; poor people and more specifically, people of color for the most part are once again missing from the table.
  • More than 220 personnel from Florida alone remain missing from the Vietnam, Korea and Cold
  • The name, inspired by the phrase "missing in action," was revealed on the website of the New York Daily News.


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