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What is the meaning of misstatement in Hindi?

Meaning of misstatement in Hindi is : मिथ्या कथन

Definition of word misstatement

  • A statement that is false. Usually indicating an error rather than an intentional lie. (noun)

Examples of word misstatement

  • If their misstatement is designed to mislead others, then they are lying; if not, then they are merely mistaken.
  • I love how "bald" modifies the euphemism "misstatement" - how does one blatantly and emphatically make a "misstatement"?
  • That scares and angers us more than any so-called misstatement about the mood of the country.
  • Not everyone thinks walking back a misstatement is a sign of weakness.
  • Nothing Biden said was characterized as a misstatement, though McCain campaign blogger found 14.


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