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What is the meaning of mistake in Hindi?

Meaning of mistake in Hindi is : मिथ्या बुद्धि

Definition of word mistake

  • An error; a blunder. (noun)
  • A pitch which was intended to be pitched in a hard to hit location, but instead ends up in an easy to hit place (noun)
  • To understand wrongly, taking one thing for another, or someone for someone else. (verb)
  • To make an error, to do something in a wrong way. (verb)

Examples of word mistake

  • With regard to the _designed mistake_, my defence is that no mistake was made by me either _designed_ or _not designed_.
  • In Gibbon v Mitchell (1990) 1 WLR 1304, Millett J reviewed many of the older authorities on mistake and held that for a person to set aside a voluntary transaction (such as the creation of a settlement) on the basis of ­mistake, that mistake had to refer to the effect of the transaction in question rather than its consequences.
  • Their main mistake is to expect the people around them not just to like them, but to be like them, to display the same easy American manners, the same loving indulgence, despite the aching resentments of the war, the grinding poverty of life in Europe, and the inequalities in their situations as hosts and guests.
  • So to patronize me for my use of the term mistake is a mistake, also.
  • When he wound down a bit I said "the mistake is yours, not his".


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