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What is the meaning of mistaking in Hindi?

Meaning of mistaking in Hindi is :

Definition of word mistaking

  • Present participle of mistake. (verb)

Examples of word mistaking

  • Holmes may surely be excused in mistaking that narration of earlier events for Watson's work rather than the work of Sir Arthur, Watson's editor, of whom Holmes was ignorant.
  • The new singers don't necessarily all sound alike, but they tend to resemble one another in mistaking vocal calisthenics for improvisation.
  • I seek no explanation, for I have no doubt; but in mistaking me, Miss Anville injures herself: allow me therefore, frankly and openly, to tell you the intention of my visit.
  • The great fault and folly of the Jews, in mistaking the design of the law, and abusing it to a very different purpose from that which God intended in the giving of it; for they expected to be justified by the works of it, whereas it was never designed to be the rule of their justification, but only a means of convincing them of their guilt and of their need of a Saviour, and of directing them to Christ, and faith in him, as the only way of obtaining this privilege.
  • But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes.


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