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What is the meaning of mobile in Hindi?

Meaning of mobile in Hindi is : हिलने डुलने वाला

Definition of word mobile

  • Capable of being moved. (adjective)
  • By agency of mobile phones. (adjective)
  • A sculpture or decorative arrangement made of items hanging so that they can move independently from each other (Wikipedia). (noun)
  • A mobile phone (Wikipedia). (noun)
  • Something that can move. (noun)

Examples of word mobile

  • AmplifyMindware Hi mobile lovers, want to learn #mobile multimedia programming
  • Making money in mobile is extremely nascent leaving opportunity for new technologies, new strategies, and new business models.
  • That being said … the term mobile broadband often times refers to the cellular-phone-provider type of broadband Internet connection (s).
  • The term mobile broadband describes many different types of high-speed Internet access through a portable modem, telephone device, or other similar communication type of gear.
  • The label mobile, however, encompasses a wide range of technologies, from software to semiconductors to enterprise applications.


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