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What is the meaning of mold in Hindi?

Meaning of mold in Hindi is : स्वभाव

Definition of word mold

  • A hollow form or matrix for shaping a fluid or plastic substance. (noun)
    द्रव या प्लास्टिक पदार्थ को आकार देने के लिए एक खोखला रूप या मैट्रिक्स।
  • To shape in or on a mold. (verb)
    एक सांचे में या आकार देने के लिए।

Examples of word mold

    • "Many of our grants don't use the term 'mold remediation,' but do provide specific remediation, which might include wet vacuuming, damp wiping or HEPA -- high-efficiency particulate air -- vacuuming of interior spaces," said Manuel Broussard, FEMA spokesman in New Orleans.
    • The one car that doesn't quite fit this mold is the Scion xB — a boxy urban mini-wagon with a 158 horsepower, four-cylinder engine.
    • Some of them were too afraid to share their names, but raised similar concerns about what they called a mold invasion.
    • I think a lot of us who love to write think we have to fit a certain mold in order to be a “real” writer, and thus we may overlook what our strengths and passions are really best suited to.
    • The last, essentially a mold, is key to a good shoe.
    • Staying healthy is tough if you live in mold-infested housing, can't afford food or electricity, or are about to lose your home.
    • Thankfully I do have a silicone muffin mold I can use. chocolateshavings Jun 18
    • The mold is hidden in the pantry until I find out how long to cook them.