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What is the meaning of molest in Hindi?

Meaning of molest in Hindi is : हमला करना

Definition of word molest

  • To physically abuse, (occasionally also means sexually especially regarding a minor ) (verb)

Examples of word molest

  • Above are the only reasons I thought you being pejorative, LMAO ... yes the only reason I have the dictionary defintion of molest is becasue I had to look up "pejorative" and I miss you too Harlan.
  • I never heard the word molest or anything like that.
  • In one incident, after I taught him the definition of 'molest', my colleague asked our supervisor not to molest him if his experiments didn't go well.
  • Are we planning on occupying it forever, just to make sure that we "molest" the hell out of bin Laden when he crosses the border next time?
  • So I don ` t know what verb you use, but "molest" doesn ` t seem to fit for me.
  • When the child is ready to disclose this kind of molest, the world responds fast, with police, interviews and arrests.
  • But I question the analyst ` s use of the word "molest," because according to the affidavit, she came back after drinking and went to bed.
  • I never heard the word "molest" or anything like that, just that he hurt her.
  • Their practical system of treating "treasure trove," as I saw when serving with my regiment in Gujarßt (Guzerat), is at once to imprison and "molest" the finder, in order to make sure that he has not hidden any part of his find.