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What is the meaning of monarch in Hindi?

Meaning of monarch in Hindi is : रानी

Definition of word monarch

  • The ruler of an absolute monarchy or the head of state of a constitutional monarchy. (noun)
  • The monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus, found in North America, so called because of the designs on its wings. (noun)

Examples of word monarch

    • To this day, the monarch is the “commander-in-chief” of the British armed forces.
    • Bowing your head to a monarch is an act of subservience.
    • It's funny -- I think most Canadians agree that the monarch is a kind of pointless thing.
    • Remember that British law still gives lots of nominal power to the monarch – the monarch is in charge of appointing the Prime Minister, of declaring war, of giving “assent” to legislation, etc.
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