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What is the meaning of monogamist in Hindi?

Meaning of monogamist in Hindi is : एकपत्नीक

Definition of word monogamist

  • A person who practices monogamy (noun)

Examples of word monogamist

  • In this case, the monogamist is the capitalist who tries too hard to please his single wife with gifts the family cannot really afford; the polygamist is worse and is usually the government that deals with markets as well as its various constituents in what is eventually a futile balancing act.
  • The BBC was in fact concerned that those facts were not given too much prominence compared to diversionary criticism of me for not being a teetotal monogamist, which is of course much worse than being a warmongering torturing murderous bastard.
  • "monogamist" who is perfectly sincere and extremely convinced in his advocacy of monogamy, as he understands it, but at the same time believes and acts on the belief that monogamy by no means excludes the need for sexual variation.
  • They were a strong example, and for most of my life I was a serial monogamist.
  • Although I should know better – my own father was married four times – I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to stereotyping the serial monogamist, and the kind of woman who might be attracted to him.


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