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What is the meaning of monohull in Hindi?

Meaning of monohull in Hindi is :

Definition of word monohull

  • A boat that has a single hull (noun)

Examples of word monohull

  • The Superocean is equipped with an ultra-readable dial, an armored glass and a monohull case watertight to a depth of 200 meters 660 ft – a remarkable feat at that time.
  • The sailboat racing was a success with first in the monohull class and overall wins after handicapping, including the multihull class boats, both days.
  • Since only a small area of the ship comes in contact with the waves, there should be less pitching, rolling and heaving in rough seas than on a conventional monohull ship of the same capacity.
  • He built this amazing sailing boat, the Mari-Cha IV, which is currently the fastest monohull in the world.
  • "Our watcher is using a Ballistic 7. 6-meter monohull tender," Nicholas told Kelby when he came back to the ship that night.


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