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What is the meaning of monstrous in Hindi?

Meaning of monstrous in Hindi is : सरासर गलत

Definition of word monstrous

  • hideous or frightful (adjective)
  • enormously large (adjective)
  • freakish or grotesque (adjective)
  • of, or relating to a mythical monster (adjective)

Examples of word monstrous

  • If I were assembling an all-star touring band called "The Monsters of Jazz," the first guy I'd call would be James Carter: At 42, the saxophonist has chops, technique, concepts and energy enough to justify several definitions of the term "monstrous."
  • He said he saw the car, a red four-door, coming and the "spreader," which he called a "monstrous vehicle," locked up its brakes and "was deafening, just screeching."
  • Tennis star Martina Hingis (ph) abruptly retired today while denying what she called monstrous accusations that she tested positive for cocaine during this year's Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.
  • Among what they called your monstrous follies, which was the worst, the most damnable?
  • The only reason I don't consider Card monstrous is because I think he's sick.


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