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What is the meaning of moribund in Hindi?

Meaning of moribund in Hindi is : म्रियमाण

Definition of word moribund

  • Approaching death; about to die; dying; expiring. (adjective)
  • Almost obsolete, nearing an end. (adjective)
  • A person who is near to dying. (noun)

Examples of word moribund

  • The reviewers 'criticism says a lot about the failure of our cultural establishment to acknowledge any interesting creative departure in what they are insistent on calling the moribund form of the novel -- despite all evidence to the contrary.
  • The entrance of Mr. Prokhorov, 45, into politics could enliven a domestic political scene that even Kremlin officials have called moribund.
  • Across town, the China Grill restaurant at the Park Hyatt hotel is also enjoying a surge in business, though as recently as three years ago, the same hotel that is fully booked had to create special promotions to stoke business during what had been traditionally known as a moribund period.
  • The enemy that Johnson and the generals had described as moribund had shown itself to be very alive and, as yet, unbeaten.
  • Well, I think a language with ten speakers can be safely called moribund anyway.


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