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What is the meaning of morphia in Hindi?

Meaning of morphia in Hindi is : मार्फिया

Definition of word morphia

  • morphine (noun)

Examples of word morphia

  • a messenger was sent for the doctor and the word morphia was spoken.
  • "Look here, doctor," I said, "I hate the idea of morphia, I 've never taken it, and I never want to."
  • The present enemy, however, and one that demands serious and immediate attention, is morphia, which is being largely imported into China in the shape of a variety of preparations suitable to the public demand.
  • "I have always doubted my ability to conduct the affairs of a parish methodically," he said, "that is -- a little habit -- a slight partiality to the drug called morphia is not in my favor.
  • I believed, and Welch did too, that he was no longer addicted to morphia.


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