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What is the meaning of mortal in Hindi?

Meaning of mortal in Hindi is : मारक

Definition of word mortal

  • A human; someone susceptible to death. (noun)

Examples of word mortal

  • Cum causal regularly takes the Subjunctive; as, -- quae cum Ä«ta sint, _since this is so_; cum sÄ«s mortālis, quae mortālia sunt, cÅ«rā, _since you are mortal, care for what is mortal_.a. Note the phrase cum praesertim (praesertim cum), _especially since; _ as, --
  • _All men are mortal, Socrates is a man, Therefore Socrates is mortal_.
  • At best, matter is only a phenomenon of mortal mind, of which evil is the highest degree; but really there is no such thing as _mortal mind_, -- though we are compelled to use the phrase in the endeavor to express the underlying thought.
  • _mortal_, from _mort_, a great quantity, is used as a particle of amplification; as _mortal tall, mortal little_.
  • Plato is mortal, "will be necessary if either Socrates or _man_ is chosen as argument, but not if Plato or _mortal_ is chosen.


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