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What is the meaning of mortification in Hindi?

Meaning of mortification in Hindi is : संताप

Definition of word mortification

  • The act of mortifying. (noun)
  • A sensation of extreme shame or embarrassment. (noun)
  • The death of part of the body. (noun)

Examples of word mortification

  • Page 50 modification of structure occurs, to which the term mortification is applied.
  • GALLAGHER: Well, self-flagellation is an extreme form of self - denial, what they call mortification, and which, in fact, is not unknown to the Catholic religion, or indeed other religions that practice self-denial and that encourage self-denial, sacrifice, for one's own good.
  • And then, but that half a dozen at once endeavoured to keep down her violent hands, would she have beaten herself; as it seems she had often attempted to do from the time the surgeon popt out the word mortification to her.
  • This treatment was called mortification or faisandage after the pheasant, faisan, and had two purposes: it tenderized the meat, and further heightened its “wild” flavor.
  • This performance he called a mortification of his frame; but when this sly churchman slipped up and put on his capote again, his thin visage bore the same gratified lines which may be seen on the face of a child making mud pies.


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