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What is the meaning of motion in Hindi?

Meaning of motion in Hindi is : स्वर संचार

Definition of word motion

Examples of word motion

  • Matter was Motion, —Motion was Matter, —the thing moved.
  • Ward will take the motion to advisement along with the Motion to Reconsider filed by the defense Dec. 10, 2009, and should rule following hearings next month.
  • + ‡ Musike ‡ +, of Motion, hath his Originall cause: Therfore, after the motions most swift, and most Slow, which are in the Firmament, of Nature performed: and vnder the _Astronomers Consideration_: now I will Speake of an other kinde of _Motion_, producing sound, audible, and of Man numerable.
  • L 2 means that motion of Motion frame is considered relatively Medium frame.
  • I remember the earlier versions of FCP Studio used to have a problem with motion projects on an FCP timeline which you could get around by exporting mov files from Motion and importing these into FCP which is what I guess I'll have to start doing again but it does make the workflow rather clunky and feels like a backwards step.


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