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What is the meaning of mouche in Hindi?

Meaning of mouche in Hindi is :

Definition of word mouche

Examples of word mouche

  • At the word mouche the rector rose and took from a drawer in one of the tall chests a small round basket made of fine osier, a pile of ivory counters yellow as a Turkish pipe after twenty years’ usage, and a pack of cards as greasy as those of the custom-house officers at Saint – Nazaire, who change them only once in two weeks.
  • -- SEINE RIVER Cruise on a bateau mouche (boat), board near the Eiffel Tower, take the métro to Trocadero, walk across to Eiffel Tower, easy, relaxing, worth the time
  • [Diminutif de “mouche”] in Newforest Vocab Notes | Permalink
  • Le temps, c'est la toile dont je suis à la fois l'araignée et la mouche.
  • Hélas, * our heroine wouldn't harm so much as a miserable mouche, * but scold a slacker she would!


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