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What is the meaning of mourner in Hindi?

Meaning of mourner in Hindi is : शोकाकुल व्यक्ति

Definition of word mourner

  • Someone filled with or expressing grief or sadness, especially over a death; someone who mourns. (noun)

Examples of word mourner

  • The mourner is cheared, and the anxious have rest;
  • Boss has found that such losses are uniquely painful, partly because they deprive people of mourning rituals and can go on until the mourner is “physically and emotionally exhausted from the relentless uncertainty.”
  • Corporeal metaphors for the child appear often in the texts, especially when the mourner is not the biological mother.
  • • Sensing his potential as an actor, Shashi Kapoor deleted his scene as a junior artist playing a mourner from the English film "Bombay Talkie."
  • To call a mourner by his own name was considered an insult to the departed, and often led to fighting and bloodshed.


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