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What is the meaning of mourning in Hindi?

Meaning of mourning in Hindi is : शोक सूचक वस्त्र

Definition of word mourning

  • Present participle of mourn. (verb)
  • The act of expressing or feeling sorrow or regret; lamentation. (noun)
  • Feeling or expressing sorrow over someone's death. (noun)
  • The traditional clothes worn by those who mourn (in Western societies, typically coloured black). (noun)

Examples of word mourning

  • Some said that "Browning" might have been added to the name, and while others marvelled that the husband wore no badge of mourning, a few said wisely that the _mourning_ was visible in other than the usual signs -- in the hair gray before its time, and in the deep-cut lines which a _living_ sorrow alone had made.
  • As to Isis, as soon as the report reached her she immediately cut off one of the locks of her hair, [Footnote: The hair cut off as a sign of mourning was usually laid in the tomb of the dead.] and put on mourning apparel upon the very spot where she then happened to be, which accordingly from this accident has ever since been called Koptis, or _the city of mourning_, though some are of opinion that this word rather signifies _deprivation_.
  • Thus, insofar as I always mourn not only my lost friend but something lost of myself, of my own emotional world, as well, my mourning is at once both an act of loyalty and of disloyalty to my friend.
  • Yes | No | Report from metsfan6734@yah ... wrote 5 weeks 17 hours ago the mourning is usually the best time that I seem to see the most.
  • This mourning is a fruit of the Spirit of grace, an evidence of a work of grace in the soul, and


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