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What is the meaning of mouth in Hindi?

Meaning of mouth in Hindi is : हड़प करना

Definition of word mouth

  • The opening of a creature through which food is ingested. (noun)
  • To speak about something. (verb)

Examples of word mouth

  • Edward -- now as heavy as a cannonball -- and pried his mouth open, staring down his gullet, staring down into * another mouth*, Frederick's mouth, which gaped open, revealing a * third* mouth, George's.
  • When the mouth is very wide, it is called a _Tory mouth_.
  • The proposed reversal to _thy mouth speak with his mouth_ (Giesebrecht, etc.) misses the point; surely the captor would speak first.
  • He likes to imitate gestures with his arms and mouth; he observes attentively the _movements of the lips of one who is speaking_, sometimes _touching_ at the same time the _mouth of the speaker with his finger_.
  • Lying about widows of 9/11 and everything else that toilet she calls a mouth is the real problem.
  • You are the one slandering our brave troops, hell any mention of our troops coming from the slit you call a mouth is a slander from a traitor.
  • Thu 11/26/09 9: 11 AM oh Sally, a mouth is a mouth …
  • You want him to be a bellicose bully who stirs up trouble everywhere, even though we can't put our money (soldiers) where our mouth is and we're going broke supporting the Iraq War?
  • Then put your money where your mouth is and reject all the "socialist" benefits you now enjoy.
  • I think the scoop in the mouth is a little deeper than other poppers, which makes a big difference.