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What is the meaning of move in Hindi?

Meaning of move in Hindi is : हिल्ना

Definition of word move

  • To change place or posture; to stir; to go, in any manner, from one place or position to another. (verb)
  • To act; to take action; to stir; to begin to act; as, to move in a matter. (verb)
  • To change residence; to remove, as from one house, town, or state, to another; to go and live at another place. See also move out and move in. (verb)
  • To change the place of a piece in accordance with the rules of the game. (verb)
  • To cause to change place or posture in any manner; to set in motion; to carry, convey, draw, or push from one place to another; to impel; to stir. (verb)
  • To transfer (a piece or man) from one space or position to another, according to the rules of the game; as, to move a king. (verb)
  • To excite to action by the presentation of motives; to rouse by representation, persuasion, or appeal; to influence. (verb)
  • To arouse the feelings or passions of; especially, to excite to tenderness or compassion, to excite, as an emotion. (verb)
  • To propose; to recommend; specifically, to propose formally for consideration and determination, in a deliberative assembly; to submit, as a resolution to be adopted; as, to move to adjourn. (verb)
  • To mention; to raise (a question); to suggest (a course of action); to lodge (a complaint). (verb)
  • To incite, urge (someone to do something); to solicit (someone for or of an issue); to make a proposal to. (verb)
  • To apply to, as for aid. (verb)
  • The act of moving; a movement. (noun)
  • An act for the attainment of an object; a step in the execution of a plan or purpose. (noun)
  • A formalized or practiced action used in athletics, dance, physical exercise, self-defense, hand-to-hand combat, etc. (noun)
  • The event of changing one's residence. (noun)
  • A change in strategy. (noun)
  • The act of moving a token on a gameboard from one position to another according to the rules of the game. (noun)

Examples of word move

  • The word move comes from a Hebrew word that means “to brood.”
  • The title of this article on the CNN home page "McCain" surprised "by Palin move" is misleading since McCain's comment was not meant to be taken seriously. geecee
  • Peterson started Oklahoma's next drive with a 23-yard run that included a spin move from a near stop that left a Tulsa defender empty-handed.
  • "Bottom line is, I use the term move 'em over and move 'em up," Pinkel said, repeating the same line he employs when discussing just about any injury that will effect playing time.
  • He also spoke on what the label move meant and how he felt about his former label, saying,


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