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What is the meaning of movement in Hindi?

Meaning of movement in Hindi is : हरकत

Definition of word movement

  • Physical motion between points in space. (noun)
  • For a clockwork, a clock, or a watch, a device that cuts time in equal portions. (noun)
  • The impression of motion in an artwork, painting, novel etc. (noun)
  • A trend in various fields or social categories, a group of people with a common ideology who try together to achieve certain general goals (noun)
  • A large division of a larger composition. (noun)
  • An instance of an aircraft taking off or landing. (noun)
  • The deviation of a pitch from ballistic flight. (noun)
  • An act of emptying the bowels. (noun)

Examples of word movement

  • The process then consists in extracting from all the movements peculiar to all the figures an impersonal movement abstract and simple, _movement in general_, so to speak: we put this into the apparatus, and we reconstitute the individuality of each particular movement by combining this nameless movement with the personal attitudes.
  • Now it is this complete awareness, this brimfull interest in our own dynamic changes, in our various and variously combined facts of movement inasmuch as _energy_ and _intention, _ it is this sense of the _values of movement_ which
  • The wave, as has been described, is a concrete with an upward and a downward movement united; but its last constituent is that which most affects the ear and leaves upon it the stronger impression, and hence, especially if it be given with a wide interval, _its dominant characteristic will be that of the second movement_; for example, if the second movement be upward, the wave may express interrogation mingled with surprise or scorn; if the second movement be downward, the wave may express astonishment mingled with indignation.
  • The adage "buy cheap and sell dear," or its practical equivalent -- so scary and imitative are investors -- _Buy during the last of a selling movement and sell during the last of a buying movement_, resolves itself, we venture to repeat, into: _Buy when the decline caused by a panic has produced such liquidation that discounts and loans, after steady and long-continued diminution, either become stationary for a period or else increase progressively coincident with a steady increase in available funds; and sell for converse reasons_.
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