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What is the meaning of mow in Hindi?

Meaning of mow in Hindi is : लूना

Definition of word mow

  • A stack of hay, corn, beans or a barn for the storage of hay, corn, beans. (noun)
  • To put into mows. (verb)
  • To cut something (especially grass or crops) down or knock down. (verb)
  • To make grimaces, mock. (verb)

Examples of word mow

  • Hey does your cousin mow from the left side of the feild or the right?
  • • 5:00 AM–7:00 AM, which is named Mao time pronounced mow, rhymes with now
  • You can't call mow a coward now because I'm going to prison.
  • Christopher says the most efficient way to mow is to choose a specific area and mow in a circular motion from the edges toward the center.
  • Britain women are never suffered to mow, which is a most athletic and exhausting labor, nor to load a cart, nor to drive a plough or hold it.