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What is the meaning of mower in Hindi?

Meaning of mower in Hindi is : घास काटने वाला

Definition of word mower

  • somebody who mows (noun)
  • a lawnmower (noun)

Examples of word mower

    • Worx says the mower is ideal for lawns of about 1/3 acre.
    • Anyway, operating a gas mower is notoriously bad for your hearing, it's a good activity for which to wear properly inserted earplugs.
    • I’m not saying the government shouldn’t be involved at all, but telling me how a lawn mower is made is pushing it for me.
    • Or perhaps call them at 11: 00pm to find out if that great John Deere riding mower is going to be included in the sale because hey, that’s a valid reason to wake up your Realtor, right?
    • If you own a recalled mower, stop using it immediately and call your local Honda dealer to arrange for a free repair.