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What is the meaning of much in Hindi?

Meaning of much in Hindi is : बहुतायत

Definition of word much

  • To a great extent. (adverb)
  • Often; frequently. (adverb)
  • A large amount or great extent. (pronoun)

Examples of word much

  • I don't like how they're just using Harry Potter for money, but if they're gonna do two, at least they can take it much more in-depth and add much more detail than they might have done with one. bird does anyone know what the whole fighting scene is where they show harry ron and hermione running thru a forest? i dont remember that in the books...
  • He needs to loose the wieght because it will make him feel much *much* better, the vet agrees.
  • Instead I spent too much time writing notes, making the effort to find just the right words to show how muchÂ… anyway, the point is that I should have just been sending them all along.
  • I would never have thought of this combination Mansi..thanks so much for sharing this beautiful recipe..much better way to have caffeine than drink that regular coffee at work!
  • Right now, even the best minds on earth haven't figured out how to supply enough energy to meet demand at * current* levels, much less supply enough energy to meet * growing* demands, a problem which will only get * much* worse as China and India (among many growing economies) continue to grow.