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What is the meaning of mug in Hindi?

Meaning of mug in Hindi is : लोटा

Definition of word mug

  • Easily fooled, gullible. (adjective)
  • A large cup for hot liquids, usually having a handle and used without a saucer. (noun)
  • To assault for the purpose of robbery. (verb)

Examples of word mug

  • *grabs a fresh frawsty mug, pumps teh tap, fills teh mug*
  • I think the favicon of your mug is my favorite part.
  • | Reply yea, i like gamerfreak idea, i think a “rev head” geek would be nice add on. if the mug is a go ahead that would fit a few of my mates.
  • A handful in a pretty box or a mug is a lovely gift for any lady.
  • The nose design on the mug is the Fleur de Lis, the official symbol of New Orleans.
  • My Calcutta Cup mug is back on its hook on the kitchen wall.
  • "Damned moose-pasture," quoth one, Long Jim Harney, pausing to blow into his tin mug of tea.
  • So he makes a contact or two and the next thing ya know his mug is showing up on CNN, MSNBC, the Today show, ect. spouting his "inside information" on Sarah [...] mother and sister of a soldier
  • The mug is designed so that you can write right on the surface with a pencil (with eraser, included).