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What is the meaning of multicolored in Hindi?

Meaning of multicolored in Hindi is : रंगबिरंगा

Definition of word multicolored

  • Having multiple colors / colours. (adjective)
    अनेक रंगों/रंगों का होना।

Examples of word multicolored

  • Then she looked up the cord, and there was a baby girl, covered in multicolored goo and opening her mouth wide to scream.
  • Gorgeous tapestries in multicolored delicate feather work hung on the walls.
  • After briefly debating what to do with Amelia, Amanda, and me-as we did not belong to an NGO and had not sent a letter announcing our arrival-Jesús Emilio led us down a path through a scattering of pigs and chickens to a wooden house with a multicolored flag bearing the Italian word for peace.
  • So called multicolored demonstrator (yellow) supporting this government, and who knows if royal army its guarantee of the beautiful future of Thailand?????
  • They included two "multicolored" protesters among several dozen who had gathered to voice their opposition to the "red shirts."
  • With this tool users can learn more about many different and exciting objects in the image, such as multicolored nebulae and exploding stars, just by clicking on them.
  • He said that at that spot, a triangle city would be founded, surrounded by a great kingdom with "multicolored" residents from all tribes and peoples.