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What is the meaning of multiplicity in Hindi?

Meaning of multiplicity in Hindi is : विविधता

Definition of word multiplicity

  • the state of being made of multiple diverse elements (noun)
  • the number of values for which a given condition holds (noun)
  • a large indeterminate number (noun)
  • The number of instances that can occur on a given end of a relationship, including 0..1, 1, 0..* or *, and 1..*. (noun)

Examples of word multiplicity

  • It gives us almost everything the imagination craves – irony, heroism, vastness, unity in multiplicity, and a tragic close.
  • When your personal multiplicity is printed on your face, in an almost too obviously thematic manner, in your DNA, in your hair and in the neither this nor that beige of your skin — well, anyone can see you come from Dream City.
  • The thought was developed more clearly in the seventeenth century by Robert Boyle; according to him, all bodies consist of one and the same primitive material; their varying multiplicity is due to the different size and shape of the small parts or corpuscles, to their different states of rest or movement.
  • This exaggeration of the function of education expressed by the word multiplicity deserves a little consideration, for it would appear that our educationists overlook the fact that the organism with which they have to deal is going through the most critical period of its existence.
  • It’s just amazing how readily we’ll tear each other down for doing whatever works for our families; it’s like multiplicity is a completely unheard-of concept in parenting.


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