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What is the meaning of multiplier in Hindi?

Meaning of multiplier in Hindi is : गुणक बढाने वाला

Definition of word multiplier

  • A number by which another (the multiplicand) is to be multiplied. (noun)
  • An adjective indicating the number of times something is to be multiplied. (noun)
  • A ratio used to estimate total economic effect for a variety of economic activities. (noun)
  • Any of several devices used to enhance a signal (noun)

Examples of word multiplier

  • There are good options such as increases in food stamps, and infrastructure spending, for which the multiplier is around 1. 6-1.8.
  • "Having a downsize in employment in a sector that pays very well is not welcome news," Mr. DiNapoli said, citing what he called the "multiplier effect," whereby each lost Wall Street job results in two additional lost jobs in other sectors in the city.
  • "This group has what we call a multiplier effect," Harold said.
  • If the rules are tailored in such a way as to ensure that a greater percentage goes back to the primary producer then it filters through the local economy through what they call a multiplier effect.
  • But if you want to jump from that fact to imputing the view to Romer that the fiscal spending multiplier is small or smaller than the tax multiplier, you would be wrong to do so.


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