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What is the meaning of municipality in Hindi?

Meaning of municipality in Hindi is : वह सभा जो शहर की सफाई इत्यादि के लिए स्थापित की गी हो

Definition of word municipality

  • A district with a government that typically encloses no other governed districts; a borough, city, or incorporated town or village. (noun)

Examples of word municipality

  • When these have accumulated to a sufficient size to be troublesome, the municipality is apt to go to the legislature to permit funding of those current liabilities, which, if it does not add insult to injury, at least adds interest to principal and passes on a delayed but increased burden for other Councils to worry over and the taxpayers to wrestle with, which brings me to a second fundamental cause viz:
  • It has long been recognized that the care of unemployed people or of people in distress was primarily the responsibility of the community in which they live, that is, the municipality in whose jurisdiction they reside; and if a municipality is unable to provide relief the assistance of the province is sought; but never has it been recognized by any federal government that a constitutional obligation rested upon them to deal with this subject.
  • The individual gives up something in order to gain that which everybody gains by unity, and the municipality is the result.
  • Take the McDonald case, for instance — how seriously should we take claims that local regulations should be paramount when the local municipality is twice the size of the entire United States when the second amendment was ratified?
  • They actually told me you could do it in Comitan since the municipality is in the free zone with parts of it within 50 km from the border.


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