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What is the meaning of musky in Hindi?

Meaning of musky in Hindi is : मुश्कीं

Definition of word musky

  • Having the scent of musk. (adjective)
  • Muskellunge. (noun)

Examples of word musky

    • Don't let your small pets swim in musky or giant pike country.
    • Bob was never stinky per se, but he had a certain musky quality about him.
    • A little farther on the air is musky from the crowded minarets of the horse chestnut – white marble splashed with rose – where the bumble bee drones.
    • But Do Son comes amazingly close to that idea through a composition of crisp green leaves that border on bitter and something that can only be called a musky iris (or maybe an iris-like musk?).
    • The musky is a fish that lives "large" in every respect - in physical size, in the food chain, in record-book controversy, in angling lore and in its attraction for anglers.


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