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What is the meaning of mutual in Hindi?

Meaning of mutual in Hindi is : पारस्परिक

Definition of word mutual

Examples of word mutual

  • "The reasons for HSBC 's withdrawal were not disclosed to Old Mutual, but were not, as far as Old Mutual is aware, related to any adverse findings during HSBC' s due diligence," it added.
  • Or everyone who invests their income in Mutual Funds and drives a CO2 belching car?
  • Correspondence I have received from Washington Mutual is sporadic and schizophrenic at best.
  • I understand that Washington Mutual is on very shaky financial ground (AND SO IT SHOULD BE!) and it is my hope they receive NO outside financial support because their business practices are DEPLORABLE.
  • The inquiry, into a project known as Ethnic Mutual, is the fifth separate police investigation to be launched into a City Hall project in as many weeks, but is the most dangerous so far for Mr Jasper.


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