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What is the meaning of mutual in Hindi?

Meaning of mutual in Hindi is : पारस्परिक

Definition of word mutual

  • Having the same relationship, each to each other. (adjective)
  • Reciprocal. (adjective)
  • Possessed in common. (adjective)
  • Owned by the members. (adjective)
  • A mutual fund, etc. (noun)
  • Examples of word mutual

    • Ms. IRMA THOMAS (Singer): We've been what you call mutual admirers of each other's talent for a long time.
    • And one of the things we've got to do is to understand that we've got to strengthen security in small-town America, as well, by helping smaller communities and smaller counties develop what we call mutual aid agreements.
    • In this sense, this is what I call mutual concessions, if we could change the terms, that is, and make an honorable agreement in which both parties assume similar commitments.
    • Following this afternoon's practice at Winter Park, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier spoke to reporters about McNabb's departure, which he called a mutual decision that was best for both parties.
    • Transatlantic and Allied World called off their deal in mid-September, without specifying a reason for what they described as a mutual decision.


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