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What is the meaning of name in Hindi?

Meaning of name in Hindi is : संज्ञा

Definition of word name

Examples of word name

  • Name = * % Name%*; Finds files with a name containing those characters (and others surrounding it)
  • = "INSERT INTO [tblChanges] ([Name], [TypeOfChange]) VALUES (@Name, @TypeOfChange)"
  • "INSERT INTO [Table_5] ([Name], [TypeOfChange]) VALUES (@Name, @TypeOfChange)"
  • INSERT INTO [attachment] ([Name], [desc]) VALUES (@Name, @desc) imagine one sender can send many attachments, i shld insert many attchments in my table (attachmets) where this senderid in attachment table is foregin key (relation with another table Senders)
  • Confirmed = '{$Confirmed [$i]}' where Name = '$Name [$i]'";


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