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What is the meaning of nana in Hindi?

Meaning of nana in Hindi is :

Definition of word nana

  • Short form of banana, the fruit. (noun)
  • A fool. (noun)
  • A pet name for one's grandmother. (noun)
  • A nanny. (noun)

Examples of word nana

  • Andrew Carle, a former rehab hospital director who now directs a senior housing program at George Mason University, coined the term "nana technologies" for such things.
  • MIss nana is the hottest ive heard ... if u agree of disagree visit missnana sit .. www. missnana.com
  • (My own mother, for example - "nana" - comes to look after my kids twice a week: She would easily win a GAS case, I bet, if I divorced my wife and she tried maliciously to block nana's access.)
  • I was tense on Friday night because my nana is returning from her month of respite this week, and I am dreading it, and when I tried talking to Llew about it, he wasn’t interested, didn’t want to know, and asked me what the hell my problem was because he couldn’t see the big deal.
  • I aku keia, "He kamaaina no ko makou mea nana i alakai mai, oia hoi kela wahi kanaka nana i olelo mai ia oe no Kauakahialii."


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